»Is changing the direction of your view enough to see clearly?«

»People are at the centre of our project.«

We want to valorise the work of the shepherds and breeders of Merinos d' Arles. It is they who have shaped the landscape and history of La Routo by driving their flocks from the plains of Provence to the Alps.

Their know-how makes it possible to obtain a wool of the highest quality, which meets our requirements for raw material to produce exceptional products.

We would like to present this little-known wool with its exceptional qualities and the
Merino sheep from Arles, whose history began thanks to their wool. All the stages in the production of our garments, from shearing to design, take place in close proximity.
All this benefits the people involved, the animals and the cultural area.

The development of our clothing range is done in a responsible and sustainable way.
and sustainable aspects.